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The Animals


Capitol 72171 House Of The Rising Sun / Talkin’ ‘Bout You
Capitol 72180 Baby Let Me Take You Home / Gonna Send You Back To Walker
Capitol 72185 I’m Crying / Take It Easy
All of these were released in Canada in 1964. One LP was also issued on Capitol (see T-6092, Sept. 1964)
Thereafter, MGM appears to have negotiated the rights to their discs in North America (MGM Animals albums originally appeared on the Quality label in Canada).
This change appears to have been the same for Herman’s Hermits who had their first 45 issued on Capitol in Canada before moving over to Quality/MGM.

The John Barry Seven


Capitol 72036 Cutty Sark / Lost Patrol
Capitol 72064 James Bond Theme / Blacksmith Blues
This 45 was issued in Canada in 1962.

The Beach Boys

Capitol 72182 Little Honda / When I Grow Up
This was the only Beach Boys 45 issued on Capitol in Canada that did not follow a US release number and was probably issued on the back of the demand for the song which USA fans would have had access to on the Capitol USA EP «Four By The Beach Boys» (USA Capitol EP R-5267). No copies of this Capitol EP were pressed in Canada. «Little Honda» was a popular tune in Canada during the summer of 1964, tying in with the arrival of the new motorbike of the same name, although it does not appear to have made the CHUM charts.
Capitol 5245 Wendy / She Knows Me Too Well
To tie in with this 45, Capitol of Canada altered the A-side of Capitol 5245. In the USA, Capitol 5245 consisted of «When I Grow Up (To Be A Man) / She Knows Me To Well». As this A-side was already issued as the flip of Little Honda in Canada, Capitol of Canada issued Capitol 5245 as «Wendy / She Knows Me Too Well» in September 1964.
Capitol 1001 Heroes And Villains / You’re Welcome
Issued late 1966, this odd 45 was issued in Canada on the orange swirl label with a Capitol picture sleeve that was sent up from the US – actually, the leftover sleeves from Capitol US after the Capitol 45 was withdrawn/switched to the Beach Boys own Brother/Reprise label as Brother 1001. The original US Capitol release number was blocked out in black and the 1001 number was printed beside it.
Capitol 1002 Getting’ Hungry / Devoted To You (Brian Wilson & Mike Love)
This is the Canadian version of the US Brother 1002 45 but as there was no picture sleeve issued in the US, the Canadian Capitol release was issued without a picture sleeve.

The Beatles

NOTE: For more details on The Beatles, refer the Beatles 45 and the Beatles LP pages

Capitol 72076 Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You
Capitol 72090 Please Please Me / Ask Me Why
Capitol 72101 From Me To You / Thank You Girl
Capitol 72125 She Loves You / I’ll Get You
Capitol 72133 Roll Over Beethoven / Please Mister Postman
Capitol 72144 All My Loving / This Boy
Capitol 72146 Twist And Shout / There’s A Place
Capitol 72159 Do You Want To Know A Secret ? / Thank You Girl
Capitol 72162 Sie Liebt Dich / I’ll Get You

There were five LPs issued between 1963 and 1972 :

T-6051 Beatlemania !
December 2, 1963
T-6054 Twist And Shout
February 3, 1964
T-6063 Long Tall Sally
April 27, 1964
ST-6351 Let It Be
May 1970. It bears a Capitol catalogue number but the LP was issued on the Apple label. Vault records indicate ST but the actual box/LP sleeve release carry the catalogue number SOAL-6351 (the fourth and RAREST Beatles LP release on the 6000 series. The LP was issued in Canada as a box set with tray, book, and sticker. In the US, the LP was handled by United Artists and was limited to only a fold open cover) In November of 1972, the box set was deleted from the Capitol catalogue and was replaced with SW-6386 which was just the Lp itself. The rear sleeve of SW-6386 indicates that the LP was previously issued as SOAL-6351.
SW-6386 Let It Be
Released in 1972, this is the fifth and final Beatles LP to be released on the Capitol 6000 serie

Canadian store display
Canadian store display

The Bonzo Dog Dooh-dah Band


Capitol 72416 Allez Oop / Button Up Your Overcoat
This 1966 release was the same as the second UK Parlophone 45 release in England. Their first 45 release in England, «My Brother Makes The Noises For The Talkies / I’m Gonna Bring A Watermelon To My Gal Tonight» (Parlophone R5430) was not released by Capitol of Canada. Three years later in 1969, the Bonzos were to support the Kinks on their 1969 North American tour which included Canada.

Johnny Bower

Capitol 72318 Honky, The Christmas Goose / Ringo
Issued with a picture sleeve. Johnny Bower was the famous goalie for the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team and this was a novelty record cashing in for the 1965 Christmas season.

Chad And Jeremy

Capitol 72228 If I Loved You / Donna, Donna
Capitol 72239 What Do You Want With Me / A Very Good Year
Capitol 72266 From A Window / My Colouring Book

The Dave Clark Five

Capitol 72138 Glad All Over / I Know You
Capitol 72148 Bits And Pieces / All Of The Time
Capitol 72154 Do You Love Me ? / Chaquita
Capitol 72163 Can’t You See That She’s Mine / No Time To Lose
Capitol 72177 Because / Theme Without A Name
Capitol 72187 Everybody Knows (I Still Love You) / ‘Ol Sol
Capitol 72198 Anyway You Want It / Crying over You
Capitol 72215 Come Home / Your Turn To Cry
Capitol 72232 Reelin’ And Rockin’ / Little Bitty Pretty One
Capitol 72267 I Like It Like That / Hurting Inside
Capitol 72279 Catch Us If You Can / Move On
Capitol 72299 Having A Wild Weekend / No Stopping
Capitol 72317 Over And Over / I’ll Be Yours (My Love)
Capitol 72324 At The Scene / I Miss You
Capitol 72358 Try Too Hard / All Night Long
Capitol 72375 Please Tell Me Why / Look Before You Leap
Capitol 72401 Satisfied With You / Don’t Let Me Down
Capitol 72422 Nineteen Days / I Need Love
Capitol 72443 I’ve Got To Have A Reason / Good Time Woman
Capitol 72458 You’ve Got What It Takes / Small Talk
Capitol 72488 You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby /Man In A Pin-Striped Suit
Capitol 72499 A Little Bit Now / You Don’t Play Me Around
Capitol 72515 Red And Blue / Concentration Baby
Capitol 72521 Everybody Knows / Concentration Baby
Capitol 72537 Please Stay / Forget
Capitol 72552 Red Balloon / Maze Of Love

Toronto Show poster 2

Poster for the Toronto November 2nd show

Charlie Drake

Capitol 72015 My Boomerang Won’t Come Back / She’s My Girl
This was the first Canadian 45 to get the swirl label but a first pressing was issued on the old purple label.
Capitol 72022 Tanglefoot / Drake's Progress
Capitol 72040 I Bent My Assagai / Sweet Freddy Green
Capitol 72128 I`ve Lost The End Of My Yodel / I Can Cry Can't I

Simon Dupree And The Big Sound

Capitol 72522 Kites * / Like The Sun Like The Fire
(* with Jacquie Chan)This 45 was released in Canada during 1967 owing to it making the top ten in the UK charts in that year. Another similar release in Canada was by Keith West (72510) and of course these top ten hits in England sank without trace in Canada. An LP was indeed released (pre Kites !) and this mirrored the Tower release in the US.
(S)T-6266 Without Reservations
Tower, March 4, 1968.
The group hailed from Southampton in England and was comprised primarily of the Shulman brothers who were all multi-instrumentalists. The brothers were later to found the progressive rock group «Gentle Giant» and I was fortunate enough to see them live at The Auditorium, The High School Of Commerce in Ottawa, Ontario (March 21, 1973). No, they didn’t play their earlier hit ‘Kites» but they were still fantastic live!

Freddie Adnd The Dreamers

Capitol 72111 If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody / Feel So Blue
Capitol 72165 I Love You Baby / Don’t Make Me Cry
Capitol 72184 Just For You / Don’t Do That To Me
Capitol 72206 I Understand / I Will
Capitol 72227 I’m Telling You Now / What Have I Done To You ?
Capitol 72236 You Were Made For Me / Money
Capitol 72245 Do The Freddie / Tell Me When
Capitol 72276 A Little You / Things I’d Like To Say
Capitol 72296 Windmill In Old Amsterdam /How’s About Trying Your Luck With Me
Capitol 72348 If You’ve Got A Minute Baby / When I’m With You
Capitol 72373 Playboy / Some Day

Georgie Fame And The Blue Flame

Capitol 72209 Yeh Yeh / Preach And Teach
March 1965
Capitol 72238 In The Meantime / Let The Sun Shine In
Capitol 72392 Get Away / El Bandido
September 1966
Capitol 72446 Sitting In The Park / Many Happy Returns

Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames issued two 6000 LPs which mirrored the USA releases on the Imperial label, but with unique artwork:

T-6122 Fame At Last, Featuring Yeah, Yeah
May 17, 1965. Capitol’s vault records use the title «Yeh Yeh», cover is similar to the UK LP «Fame At Last»
T-6197 Get Away
November 7, 1966. The cover has Georgie Fame sitting in a mod outfit with a black (green?) and white checkered shirt – tracks are similar to UK LP «Sweet Things»
I attended the Georgie Fame concert at the Hotel Isaballa in Toronto in the early 1980s. Georgie played at least two dates in Canada, well after his charting days:
(TBD) The Horseshoe
(TBD) Hotel Isabella (local R&B backing band**)

Gerry And The Pacemakers

Capitol 72095 How Do You Do It / Away From You
Capitol 72113 I Like It / It’s Happened To Me
Capitol 72131 You’ll Never Walk Alone / Its All Right
Capitol 72145 I’m The One / You’ve Got What I Like
Capitol 72157 Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying /Show Me That You Care
Capitol 72168 Jambalaya / Summertime
Capitol 72204 I’ll Be There / You You You
Capitol 72216 Ferry Cross The Mersey / Reelin’ And Rockin’
Capitol 72234 It’s Gonna Be All Right / Skinny Minnie
Capitol 72261 You’ll Never Walk Alone / Its Alright
Capitol 72280 Give All Your Love To Me / You’re The Reason
Capitol 72310 Walk Hand In Hand / Dreams
Capitol 72343 La La La / Without You
Capitol 72439 Looking For My Life / Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine
Capitol 72407 Girl On A Swing / The Way You Look Tonight

There were five LPs issued between 1964 and 1967 (only the final LP had a stereo release):

T-6070 I’m The One !
May 4, 1964
T-6107 Gerry’s Second Album
January 11, 1965
T-6111 Ferry Cross The Mersey
March 1, 1965
T-6155 The Hits Of Gerry & The Pacemakers
January 3, 1966
(S)T-6181 Today !
January 2, 1967

Rolf Harris

Capitol 72nnn Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport / Nick O. Teen And Al K. Hall
Capitol 72059 Sun Arise / Someone’s Pinched My Winkles
Capitol 72166 Two Buffalos / The Court Of King Caractacus
Capitol 72272 Vancouver Town / Tie My Hunting Dog Down, Jed
Capitol 72319 Joke The Pig / Big Dog
December 13, 1965
Capitol 72437 Hev Yew Gotta Loight Boy / Animals Pop Party
Capitol 72472 Fijian Girl / You Got What It Takes
Capitol 72512 I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It / Willy Willy
Capitol 72601 Two Little Boys / I Love My Love
B-side produced by George Martin
Capitol 72645 Salvation Army Citadel / Vancouver Town
Rolf Harris had a TV show based in Vancouver during the late 1960s

Herman's Hermit

Capitol 72183 I’m Into Something Good / Your Hand In Mine
November 1964
This was the only release by Herman’s Hermits on Capitol before they were migrated in Canada to Quality/MGM.

Paul Shaffer recalls an incredible pop concert at the Fort William Gardens (hockey rink) on August 26, 1967 when Herman’s Hermits, The Blues Magoos, and The Who «popped into» Fort William via private plane for an afternoon concert. Herman and his Hermits were «top of the bill» but Paul and his friends drove back to the Fort William airport immediately after The Who had completed their opening set with smoke bombs ! Paul and company managed to catch up with The Who at the airport as the group waited for their plane to fly them to their next gig (at 8 PM that same evening !) at the Duluth Arena (another hockey rink !) in Duluth, Minnesota.
Paul met The Who and was absolutely «gob-smacked» by Keith Moon (The Loon !). That must have been some gig to see ! Possibly on the same day, The Yardbirds were playing a ski resort in Hunstville, Ontario (see separate entry) to a handful of teenagers in cottage country ! The Fort William News Chronicle reported a «bomb scare at the finale» of this show.

The Hollies

Capitol 72116 (Ain’t That) Just Like Me / Hey What’s Wrong With Me
Capitol 72151 Just One Look / Keep Off That Friend Of Mine
Capitol 72161 Here I Go Again / Baby That’s All
Capitol 72191 We’re Through / Come On Back
Capitol 72224 Yes I Will / Nobody
Capitol 72268 I’m Alive / You Know He Did
August 1965
Capitol 72298 Look Though Any Window / So Lonely
Capitol 72347 I Can’t Let Go / I’ve Got A Way Of My Own
Capitol 72383 Bus Stop / Don’t Run And Hide
September 1966
Capitol 72419 Stop Stop Stop / It’s You
November 1966
Capitol 72450 On A Carousel / All the World Is Love
March 1967
Capitol 72480 Pay You Back With Interest / Clown
June 1967
Capitol 72508 Just One Look / Running Through The Night

The Hollies released a total of seven LPs on Capitol of Canada:

T-6073 Stay With The Hollies
July 20, 1964
T-6143 In The Hollies Style
October 4, 1965
T-6152 Look Through Any Window
June 6, 1966
T-6195 Bus Stop
November 7, 1966
T-6210 Stop! Stop! Stop!
January 2, 1967. A Stereo release has been confirmed as ST-6210 and this album has the banner «CAPITOL FULL DIMENSIONAL STEREO» as used on some copies of the Stereo Canadian «Beatles VI» LP
(D)T-6228 The Hits Of The Hollies
July 24, 1967
(D)T-6245 Love N’ Flowers
November 6, 1967

The Hollies played a number of dates in Canada in the late 1960s and I also saw them reprising their great hits
in the 1970s as follows:

Don Tapscott, nephew of Carl Tapscott (see LP SN-6297) recalls seeing the Hollies at the Hidden Valley Holiday Inn Resort near Huntsville, Ontario in either the summer of 1968 or 1969 (date to be confirmed and also whether Graham Nash was in the lineup).

Frank Ifield

Capitol 72046 I Remember You / I Listen To My Heart
Capitol 72055 Lovesick Blues / She Taught me How To Yodel
Capitol 72115 Waltzing Matilda / Confessin’ (That I Love You)

The Frank Ifield singles were issued in October and December of 1962 respectively.


Capitol 72265 That’s How Strong My Love Is / Things She Says
This 45 was issued in Canada in July 1965 and the group included Keith West (see separate 45 issued) and Steve Howe who later became famous with progressive-rock group «Yes».

The Koobas

Capitol 72459 Sally / Champagne And Caviar
This 45 was issued in Canada in 1967. The group had earlier issued a US Kapp 45 (with picture sleeve) which was a cover of the Cat Stevens song «The First Cut Is The Deepest ?».

Billy J. Kramer And The Dakotas

Capitol 72105 Do You Want To Know A Secret / I’ll Be On My Way
Capitol 72129 Bad To Me / I Call Your Name
June 1964
Capitol 72136 I’ll Keep You Satisfied / I Know
Capitol 72149 Little Children / They Remind Me Of You
May 1964
Capitol 72175 From A Window / Second To None
October 1964
Capitol 72208 It’s Gotta Last Forever / Don’t You Do It No More
Capitol 72254 Trains And Boats And Planes / That’s The Way I Feel
August 1965
Capitol 72303 Twilight Time / The Twelfth Of Never
Capitol 72321 Neon City / I’ll Be Doggone
Capitol 72342 We’re Doing Fine / Forgive Me
Capitol 72421 You Make Me Feel Like Someone / Take My Hand

Three LPs were issued between 1964 and 1965 and all three of these were «mono» only.

T-6061 Listen To
March 2, 1964
T-6091 Top Twelve Hits
October 5, 1964. Capitol’s vault records have the title «Little Children»
T-6140 Trains And Boats And Planes
October 4, 1965

Manfred Mann

Capitol 72160 Hubble Bubble (Toil And Trouble) / I’m Your Kingpin
Capitol 72178 Do Wah Diddy Diddy / What You Gonna Do?
Capitol 72189 5-4-3-2-1 / Without You
Capitol 72199 Sha La La / John Hardy
Capitol 72207 Come Tomorrow / What Did I Do Wrong
Capitol 72248 Oh No Not My Baby / What Am I Doing Wrong
Capitol 72269 My Little Red Book / Dashing Away With The Smoothing Iron
Capitol 72288 If You Gotta Go, Go Now / Stay Around
Capitol 72365 Hi-Lili Hi-Lo / She Needs Company
Capitol 72376 Pretty Flamingo / You’re Standing By
Capitol 72397 You Gave Me Somebody To Love / Poison Ivy
Capitol 72418 When Will I Be Loved / Did You Have To Do That

The Master Singers

Capitol 72387 The Highway Code / The Rumbletum Song
Capitol 72466 Weather Forecast / Roadilore
The Master Singers did very well in the UK «pop» charts with their classical «voices only» rendition of the UK driver’s «rules of the road». Given that Canadian «rules of the road» are much different (eg we drive on the other side of the road !) and that the «Highway Code» does not mean the same thing in Canada as it does in England, much of the humour of the song was lost on the un-suspecting Canadian public.

Mrs. Mills

Mrs. Mills was very well known in England and recorded many albums with her very distincive Honky Tonk Piano sound. So distinctive that the piano she always used at Abbey Road Studios was renamed "the Mrs Mills piano" amongst the personnel. It was used on many late Beatles recordings and is still used today! Mrs Mills reached the climax of her fame around the same time The Beatles did. She was originally recruted by a talent scout and made a name for herself by 1962. She was then signed to a mangement contract by the same person who managed The Dave Clark Five and The Rolling Stones (Eric Easton). She was signed to Parlophone, and therefore was issued on the 6000 series in Canada. Her work consisted of Honky Tonk piano versions of standard british and international hits as well as covers of contemporary hits.

Mrs. Mills was so popular in Canada that she toured across Canada (with her family in tow! ) in the late 1960s. She must have been so surprised by her popularity and success in Canada. In the 1960s in Canada, her records sold in quantities that neared the popularity of Herb Alpert. That is why you come across so many copies of her Lps in the used record shops and bargain bins at the charity shops across Canada nowadays. She was a big seller for Capitol records Of Canada during the 1960s and many of her Lps were re-issued in the 1970s. God Bless her!

Capitol 72033 Medley - Ma He’s Makin Eyes, Baby Face, Swanee, Ain’t She Sweet
April 1962
Capitol 72338 Newsboy / Someone Like You

12 albums were issued on the 6000 series.

(S)T-6024 Plays The Roaring Twenties
(S)T-6055 Everybody’s Welcome At Mrs. Mills Party
(S)T-6082 Let’s Have A Party
T-6094 It’s Party Time
(S)T-6151 Another Party With Mrs. Mills!
(S)T-6175 Especially For You
ST-6280 Summer Party
ST-6308 16 Party Pieces
ST-6317 Back To The Roaring 20s With Mrs. Mills
ST-6381 Music Hall Party
ST-6411 Non Stop Honky Tonk Piano
ST-6427 Hollywood Party

The Pink Floyd

Capitol 72475 Arnold Layne / Candy & Currant Bun
Capitol 72500 See Emily Play / Scarecrow
Capitol 72nnn Apples & Oranges / Paintbox
1967, This appears not to have been released in Canada, although it could possibly be 72529 which is TBD.
Capitol 72538 It Would Be So Nice / Julia Dream
Capitol 72563 Point Me At The Sky / Careful With That Axe, Eugene

Three «Capitol 6000» series LPs were issued in Canada:

These were also released by Tower in the USA but tracks and artwork did differ. The first two Canadian LP releases were more like their British counterparts.

Keith Relf

Capitol 72440 Shapes In My Mind / Blue Sands
Ultra-rare Canadian release of this solo release by the Yardbirds front-man

Cliff Richard And The Shadows

Capitol 72092 Bachelor Boy / The Next Time
Capitol 72093 Summer Holiday / Dancing Shoes
Capitol 72104 It’ll Be Me / Since I Lost You
Capitol 72110 Lucky Lips / I Wonder
Capitol 72127 It’s All In The Game / Your Eyes Tell On You
Capitol 72130 It’s Been A Blue Day / Shindig
Capitol 72134 Don’t Talk To Him / Say You’re Mine
Capitol 72142 Geronimo / Shazam
Capitol 72150 I’m The Lonely One / Watch What You Do With My Baby
Capitol 72153 Theme For Young Lovers / This Hammer
Capitol 72158 True True Lovin’ / Constantly (L’Edera)
Capitol 72167 The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt / It’s A Man’s World
Capitol 72172 Willie And The Hand Jive / Fall In Love With You
Capitol 72174 On The Beach / A Matter Of Moments
Capitol 72200 I Don’t Wanna Love You / Look In My Eyes Maria
Capitol 72211 Genie With The Light Brown Lamp / Little Princess
Capitol 72212 I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You) / I’m In Love With You
Capitol 72263 On My Word / Just A Little Bit Too Late
Capitol 72295 My Grandfather’s Clock / Don’t Make My Baby Blue
Capitol 72323 Wind Me Up (Let Me Go) / The Night
Capitol 72332 The Warlord / I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur
Capitol 72351 Blue Turns To Grey / Somebody Loses
Capitol 72441 Time Drags By / La La La Song
Capitol 72504 The Day I Met Marie / Our Story Book
Capitol 72547 All My Love / Finders Keepers
Capitol 72584 Big Ship / She’s Leaving You
Capitol 72597 Throw Down A Line / Reflections (Cliff Richard)

These issues below were on the red target label:

Capitol 72624 Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha / You Never Can Tell
Capitol 72670 Jesus / Mister Cloud

Cliff Richard albums (not sure about 45s) were issued in Canada on ABC/Paramount by Sparton Records of London, Ontario before Cliff’s discs were issued by Capitol. Capitol albums (using the USA numbering) were distributed from a London, Ontario headquarters in the 1950s so that may account for the link with Sparton Records. «Listen To Cliff» was an album issued on the ABC/Paramount label in Canada and distributed by Sparton. Cliff Richard as well as The Shadows in their own right, issued many LPs on the Capitol 6000 series (see LP section).

Mike Sarne

Capitol 72043 Come Outside / Fountain Of Love
This 45 charted in Canada in August of 1962. An LP also called «Come Outside» was released on the Capitol 6000 series (see T-6027).
Capitol 72053 Will I What / Bird, You Know I Love Ya
Capitol 72071 Just For Kicks / My Baby's Crazy `Bout Elvis

The Scaffold

Capitol 72524 Thank U Very Much / I’de B The First
Capitol 72562 Lily The Pink / Buttons Of Your Mind
Two great releases by Paul McCartney’s brother Mike McGear. The second release featured Hollie Graham Nash warbling about Jennifer Eccles !

Helen Shapiro

Capitol 72050 I Don’t Care / Little Miss Lonely
Capitol 72062 Let’s Talk About Love / Keep Away From Other Girls
Capitol 72091 Queen For Tonight / Daddy Couldn’t Get Me One Of Those
Capitol 72100 Woe Is Me / I Walked Right In
Capitol 72119 Not Responsible / No Trespassing
Capitol 72140 Look Who It Is / Walking In My Dreams

Earlier 45s were issued in Canada using the USA Capitol numbers and the dark blue label. The first of the Capitol 45s was issued in December 1962. The next release was one year later in December 1963. Three Helen Shapiro LPs were releases on the Capitol 6000 series in Canada as well as the twelve inch promo disc in 1962.

The Smoke

Capitol 72462 My Friend Jack / We Can Take It
This was issued in Canada in 1967 by the obscure British psychedlic band that had the same name as the US group that had their US Sidewalk ST 5912 LP issued on the 6000 series in Canada (ST-6277, June 3, 1968).

Sounds Incorporated

Capitol 72156 The Spartans / Detroit
Capitol 72255 Hall Of The Mountain King / Time For You
Capitol 72291 Maria / Justice Neddi
T-6134 Sounds Incorporated
August 30, 1965
Rear sleeve tie in with Beatles 2nd tour of Canada in the summer of 1965.
Issued with black text on pink sticker referencing Beatles tour.

The Swinging Blue Jeans

Capitol 72143 The Hippy Hippy Shake / Now I Must Go
Capitol 72152 Good Golly Miss Molly / Shakin’ Feelin’
Capitol 72169 You’re No Good / Don’t You Worry About Me
Capitol 72179 Promise You’ll Tell Her / It’s So Right
Capitol 72344 Don’t Make Me Over / What Can I Do
Capitol 72381 Sandy / I’m Gonna Have You
Capitol 72447 Rumours, Gossip, Words Untrue / Now The Summer’s Gone
T-6069 Hippy Hippy Shake
May 25, 1964
T-6159 Don’t Make Me Over
June 6, 1966

The first three 45s were issued in 1964. Two LPs were issued by the «SBJ» (see LP section) and the second LP is almost impossible to find . I haven’t confirmed any further singles and there may be others as the SBJ were popular in Canada.

The Tornados

Capitol 72273 Early Bird / Stompin’ Through The Rye
The Tornados hit the number one in North America with their London release «Telstar»

Keith West

Capitol 72510 Excerpt From ‘A Teenage Opera’ / Theme From ‘A Teenage Opera’
This 45 was a big hit in England and was issued in Canada in 1967. Keith had been part of «The In Crowd» who issued one obscure 45 on Capitol in 1965. The songs were written and produced by Mark Wirtz (TBD) who also released an LP in Canada in late 1967 or early 1968 entitled «Mood Mosaic» (Capitol Studio Two STAW 15039, Stereo) that featured the great instrumental song «A Touch Of Velvet, A Sting Of Brass» which was previously released in 1966 as a single:
Capitol 72369 A Touch Of Velvet, A Sting Of Brass / Bond Street P.M.

Ian Withcomb And Bluesville

Capitol 72222 This Sporting Life / Fizz
Released on Jerden in USA
Capitol 72250 You Turn Me On (Turn On Song) / Poor But Honest
Capitol 72282 N-E-R-V-O-U-S ! / The End
Capitol 72309 Fizz / 18 Whitcomb Street
Capitol 72326 Good Hard Rock / High Blood Pressure
Capitol 72429 Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night ? / Poor Little Bird
Capitol 72527 Groovy Day / Sally Sails The Sky

Ian Whitcomb, an expatriate Brit, released his first US 45 on Jerden in 1965 and then was picked up by Tower. The Canadian Capitol releases mirror the Tower USA releases including and following his success with the smash «You Turn Me On».

The original Bluesville included Mick Molloy (lead guitar), Deke O’Brien (rhythm guitar), Gerry Ryan (bass guitar), Ian McGarry (drums), and Ian Whitcomb (piano) and the initial recordings were made in Dublin where Ian was attending Trinity College; they appear on the tracks on the first Capitol LP (see T-6138 «You Turn Me On» from September 1965).

Later recordings by Ian Whitcomb made in London used such session musicians as Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and Mitch Mitchell. The second Capitol 6000 LP, «Mod, Mod, Music Hall» (T-6209, released on November 7, 1966) was also a Tower USA release (Tower 5036).

The Yardbirds

Capitol 72??? I Wish You Would / A Certain Girl
Capitol 72243 For Your Love / Got To Hurry
Capitol 72274 Heart Full Of Soul / Steeled Blues
Capitol 72308 I’m A Man / Still I’m Sad
Capitol 72349 Shapes Of Things / I’m Not Talking
Capitol 72382 Over Under Sideways Down / Jeff’s Boogie
Capitol 72423 Happenings Ten Years Time Ago / Psycho Daisies


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